The training of Fertilizer Inspectors for Fertilizer Quality Assessment in selected Markets in Nigeria was held at Bolton White Hotel, Area 11, Garki Abuja on the 20th to 21st June, 2022. The training of inspectors was part of the fertilizer quality assessment studies planned for Burkina Faso, Ghana and Nigeria. It is being funded by EnGRAIS (Enhancing Growth Through Regional Agricultural Input System) and organized by IFDC (International Fertilizer Development Centre).

The objective of the training was to build the capacities of the fertilizer quality control inspectors whose mission is to conduct assessment studies as baseline survey for the quality of fertilizers being sold in Nigeria. More specifically, it is to strengthen the knowledge of inspectors on:

  • Inspection procedures and methods of taking fertilizer samples.
  • Tools and instruments for fertilizer inspection and quality assessment.
  • KoboCollect application to be used for data collection during the inspection or assessment exercise.

The knowledge gained from the training will be directly applied to field work and other post-training activities.

In addition, the framework of the training will allow participants to hold a consultation meeting in order to organize field activities after the training programme.

These include:

  • Collecting and posting survey data on fertilizer quality.
  • Collecting fertilizer samples from randomly selected distributors.
  • Holding meeting with the fertilizer inspection teams.
  • Transferring the collected fertilizer samples to the laboratories selected by IFDC/EnGRAIS for analysis.

At the end of the inspectors training and the consultation meeting:

  • The inspection procedures and methods for taking fertilizer samples, the inspection tools and instruments, including the KoboCollect application were mastered by the participants.
  • The plan for post-training activities was defined.
  • Inspectors trained for the specific needs of the study were sufficiently equipped in technological innovation to enable them train other inspectors.

The working methodology includes:

  • Plenary training sessions followed by exchanges and discussion between participants.
  • Practical training sessions putting the conditions of exercise of their functions in the field.

The workshop brought together nine (9) inspectors from nine (9) States (Kano. Kaduna, Bauchi, Benue, Kogi Taraba, Oyo, Osun and FCT), nine (9) inspectors from FISS headquarters and four (4) supervisors from Farm Inputs Support Services (FISS) Department which is the regulatory body.

The training was anchored by the EnGRAIS project’s technical team, composed of a fertilizer quality expert and biometrician, a fertilizer regulatory system expert and sub-regional coordinator.