On the 16th of November, 2022, the Farm Input Support Services Department organized a training workshop for farmers from North-Central and North-West on the promotion of organic fertilizer preparation and use at local level using eco-friendly agricultural technologies. The programme was held at Jim-N Guest House, off Suleiman Barau Road, Suleja, Niger state.

The Director of the Farm Input Support Services Department of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development ably represented by Mr. Ishaku A. Buba in his opening speech informed the farmers about the Federal Government’s determination to reposition the Agricultural sector and how the farm input sub-sector has designed a series of activities and programmes aimed at supporting the farmers to attain their desired level of productivity. These efforts include making inputs, particularly fertilizer adequate and readily available at any time and in desired places, which is being done through encouraging the private sector operators to invest in the development and production of inputs especially fertilizers which are majorly made up of organic and inorganic.

He further stated that special attention and focus is being given to the development and promotion of organic fertilizers through the utilization of abundant raw material resources such as plant residues, animal and poultry droppings, etc. that are available locally and easily sourced around our environment. He assured the farmers that the Ministry/ Department is also ready to listen to their complaints and take appropriate actions to address them, particularly at this time when the nation is facing a lot of challenges as a result of the ravaging and devastating effects of flood and other unpredictable climatic conditions.