The Department delivers the following services:


  • Advice on the appropriate subsidy levels
  • Monitoring and analysis of market dynamics and pricing levels etc
  • Advise on the appropriate timing and level of market intervention
  • Initiate the process for the intervention of Government for seasonal/annual supply of fertilizers to the farmers in the country
  • Liaise with the various State Government/FCT and other relevant stakeholders on the planning implementation of Growth Enhancement Support (GES) Scheme
  • Administration of GES scheme to all registered farmers across the country
  • Liaising with various fertilizer companies/plants/suppliers on issues of production/supply/marketing and Agro-Dealership network development across the country
  • Liaising with security agencies on fertilizer use generally
  • Monitor the implementation of the GES scheme
  • Ensure timely delivery, distribution and recovery of proceeds from the States/FCT, etc
  • Liaising with various Value Chain Teams on the planning and implementation of GES nationwide.



  • Ensure that the quality of both inorganic and organic fertilizers in the country (locally produced and imported) meet set quality standards
  • Liaising with National Fertilizer Development Center, Standard Organization of Nigeria and relevant research institutes on fertilizer qualities/specifications
  • Oversee the manufacturing companies/plants as well as marketers in the country for effective compliance with quality control regulations
  • Development and implementation of the fertilizer legislation in the country such as issuance of end-users certificate and sales permit to all supplier and agro-dealers in the country
  • Liaise with the International Fertilizer Development Center, Nigeria office on aspects of the fertilizer that relate to the Department.



  • Responsible for the development and promotion of organic fertilizer in the country
  • Coordinating/liaising with the relevant Research Institutes and other agencies on organic fertilizer use and development of related technologies
  • Promotion of the use of organic fertilizers in collaboration with the National Fertilizer Development Center and the Extension Services
  • Liaising with relevant bodies on the packaging and marketing of organic fertilizers
  • Monitoring of the development of organic fertilizers in the country
  • Promoting the adoption of technologies of organic fertilizer production among entrepreneurs in the industry.


  • Collect, collate and develop data on decision making in fertilizer sub-sector
  • Carry out annual fertilizer demand and supply study to determine the quantity of fertilizer use both at farmer’s and national level
  • Conduct studies and surveys to determine economic, social and other variables that accelerate or retard the rate of adoption and use of fertilizers and the impact of the use of fertilizers on agricultural production and the economy in general (impact assessment).
  • Preparation of annual budget, MTSS (medium term sector) strategy workplan of the Department.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of the activities of the Department including collection, collation and preparation of periodic and annual reports of the Department and provision of necessary data on fertilizer in the country on annual basis for onward passage to planning Department.



  • Conduct regular laboratory tests and field trials on new fertilizer technologies/products, carry out verification and quality control tests to determine their efficacy before introduction
  • Maintain and develop data banks on fertilizer production technologies, new products, and collates technical information
  • Conducts training workshops, seminars etc for Federal, State and other stakeholders. Relate and collaborate with the relevant research institutes, Universities, International Fertilizer Development Center and other organizations both locally and Internationally on new fertilizer technologies and products including the Soil Fertility Initiative (SFI) Project under the FGN/FAO/SPFS
  • Collaborate with Zonal Research Institutes for laboratory tests and field trials through the Zonal Coordinator